Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What's Next?

I have six wonderful followers now. Thank you all. I feel very powerful indeed. I feel like a twentieth century dictator. My options are not limited. The sky is a choice not a limit and I want a fancy uniform.

This Weekend I think I will go to Fontenelle Forest. Any suggestions or is there anything in particular about Fontenelle that you may know? I may not know. I often find I know far less than most people so let me know.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Fontenelle gets a little crowded. It's turned into an HQ for the Nebraska-Land crowd. I recommend Preparation Canyon NW from Counciltucky.

  2. Dictator Mark is a scary thought! (0_o) lolz
    Fontenelle is nice, but like Ben said, very popular and often crowded. I think it would annoy you.You're also not really allowed to stray from the marked paths. It costs money to go, but has a neat little indoor "discovery center" type thing. It might be worth your while if you've never been, but just like the zoo, I've never felt the price fair for how little you get to do because of the amount of people. Hope that helps. =/

  3. Mark, I (Thaddeus) might be making a mid-October trip down to NE. I personally have interest in making a Fontenelle trip, due to this natural distraction ordeal you have going on, I know a few points of entrance that may not be too crowded, and being it will be in October, the over growth should be dead, making the forest more accessible.