Monday, September 28, 2009

Unnatural Distractions in Pittsburgh

I was not able to go to the forest this weekend. Sad Day. My history homework and some other reporting this weekend filled up my time. I do however, plan a post that I hope to have up by the end of the day concerning Pittsburgh's recent less than natural distractions.

One would think the right to assemble granted by our constitution is just what it says: A Right to Assemble. The truth is it's not that cut and dry. I think that this part of the constitution is interpreted by most cities as a right to assemble pending approval by city hall and without the approval of city hall it is an unlawful assembly. If the unlawful assembly does not disperse the police have the ability to forcefully and often times negligently disperse the crowd.

Be looking for a number of youtube videos to be posted later, some personal testimony from my sister who lives in the area undergoing protests, riot's and heavy handed police reactions,; and testimony from someone who was arrested by police in Pittsburgh.

I should have these up after I finish a little more homework and attend a couple classes.

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