Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hummel Park

I went to Hummel Park last Saturday. I enjoy this park and try to visit it as often as possible.

Hummel Park is on the North Eastern edge of Omaha and skirts the Missouri River. The park has quite a reputation. Some people say it is dangerous at night because of gangs. Others are concerned about paranormal activity. Even others are concerned that they will come across a body and that they just don't want that. And there sometimes seems to be an ever present threat that hikers will come across Satanists sacraficing a kidnapped child and having orgies in order to please their Dark Lord.

There maybe some criminal activity in Hummel at night and there is definitely graffiti that comes easily across with a not so discreet gang affiliated feel. And the park can feel very eerie or even paranormal. But WHATEVER.

Go during the day. There are some nice trails and during winter the view on some of the high points is very nice. Many are blocked by huge weeds and grasses during the summer.

When walking in Hummel bring bug spray and be prepared for a little bit of mud from time to time. The forest there is very pretty and trails skirt the bluffs offerring satisfying views of sunlight filtering down through trees and shining on yellow, orange and golden leaves.

A note on the Urban Legends

1. I have heard people tell me about an albino settlement within the park.

2. The are the stairs that can't be counted. They lead to where Satanists supposedly meet and perform animal sacrifices.

3. Screams that can allegedly be heard that are associated to victims of lynch mobs.

4. The park is on an ancient, Indian burial ground and drums can be heard at night.

5. Strange lights.

And I am sure that there are more that I am missing. Please feel free to leave me comments concerning urban legends at Hummel.

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  1. Hummel is pretty cool, but scary like you said. Lots of mud, too. I almost lost a shoe to it once. But the nature there is so awesome. I have found several whole, intact snake skins in Hummel and it's a good place for a superphysical hike. I like how you focused on the urban legends. I hadn't heard about the albinos. LOLZ

  2. ive heard the screams sounded like came from the bathrooms and the stairs are indeed a diff # up then dwn. i love this place is sooo creepy. and the tree on the way in says hi.

  3. hummel is fucking beast