Monday, November 9, 2009


Hello everyone.

Omaha Natural Distractions is going to undergo some changes. Well, basically there is going to be one major change. I am no longer going to solely focus on parks in and around Omaha. I feel that is a limitation. Anyone who has wandered the alleys of downtown for any amount of time should know that the city offers beauty as well.

I am not going to cut parks out completely. Not at all. However, I am an expert pedestrian and I don't really like being in cars which I need to be in to get to many of these parks. Not having a car may seem like a limitation but it's really not. I find little things that people can't see from their cars. And I want to offer up, completely, how I feel about cars:

Cars are a ton of metal, plastic and glass that are hurled at high velocities in proximity to other cars. Sometimes I think they are death machines. This is just my opinion. I do know, one day, I may have to break down and get one or I could just move to a city with a functioning public transportation system.

Anyhow, this is my announcement. This is the change. I can't ignore urban beauty just like I can't ignore rural beauty.

So for the rest of the year I am going to go out into the city for my photos. I am going to go into alleys, city parks and neighborhoods to bring you all the beautiful things I see around us in our city.

Remember the road most often traveled offers visual surprises even though the road less traveled by makes all the difference. From now on it will be a mixture of the two. And for one final quip, Roads often traveled have roads less often traveled within them. It's just a matter of getting on your feet and looking in a different direction.

And Now for good measure a kitty:


  1. cars suck if i had one i wouldn't be able to afford records easy choice...

  2. ha ha no doubt. thanks for the comment. i got to go dl that swedish punk

  3. Woot, changes...and a kitty! :)